Selected Articles & Essays


Contradictions at the Confluence of Commerce, Consumption and Conservation; 
or, An REI Shopper Camps in the Forest, Does Anyone Notice?

by Gregory L. Simon & Peter S. Alagona
Geoforum - March 2013

Past Imperfect:
Using Historical Ecology and Baseline Data for Contemporary Conservation and Restoration Projects
by Peter S. Alagona, John Sandlos, and Yolanda Wiersma
Environmental Philosophy - Spring 2012

Beyond Leave No Trace
by Gregory L. Simon & Peter S. Alagona
Ethics, Place & Environment - March 2009

by Peter S. Alagona
Conservation Biology - December 2008

What Makes a Disaster "Natural"?
by Peter S. Alagona
Space and Culture - February 2006

The Ghosts of Endangered Species Past:
Recent Lessons from the Intersection of History and Biology
by Peter S. Alagona
BioScience - November 2004